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Why must we have STEM from industry to serve every student type whether gifted, general ed, special needs, or under-served?  According to experts, we must make all students competitive in the 21st Century job market by driving an "enduring passion" for practical engineering and technology and the vast number of career opportunities.  Such a goal requires STEM experts from industry to provide tools to educators in the classroom, after-school, an in youth programs. Further, a good STREAM program will generate higher performance for general education, underserved, and students with special abilities and needs, according to longitudinal studies.

"I can only replace 1 of 3 retiring engineers in our Programs."
- Senior Executive, U. S. Navy, NAVSEA

So, let's do it right!   Get industry-created, educator-approved STREAM programs for your school or youth non-profit.  Why not the best for our kids?

Consider this: 93% of girls and 87% of boys are no longer interested in a STEM career by 6th Grade.
With industry-based STREAM, this girl could:

  • cure all cancer
  • lead our country
  • invent a surgical robotic
  • feed a village
  • find dark matter
  • save soldiers’ lives
  • find a new source of energy
  • walk on Mars
  • design the next car
  • score a winning goal
  • start a kindness revolution
  • inspire a billion girls

The University of Washington has demonstrated that "Hands-On" STEM tools increase student performance in all subjects, not just Math and Science.  This is true for students with special needs.  These longitudinal studies were referenced once again by the President in July 2014.

So why must teachers learn something new here?  Why STEM?  Corporations, governments, and research labs cannot find candidates with knowledge, capability, and passion for STEM. The educational system is being asked produce inspired students to enter STEM careers in the short, mid, and long-term. 

The potential of moving a special needs child back to the regular classroom through inclusion using "hands-on" STEM is a real one.  Inclusion has not been easy in our industry...the STEMgeo hands-on STEAM course specifically rewards our creative children, not just the gifted.

STREAM requires reading, language arts, and fine arts integration.  Do you agree?

Our program is a response to these facts and the need for integrated, hands-on STEM at the state, school district, school, and teacher-level.

STEMgeo announces a new STEM Program to its already leading edge Course.  You already know that we provide the leading STEM "Engineering Training" for elementary and middle school with our first Course and Hands-On Lab (Course #1):

Unit 1:  Engineering Processes for Systems and Software Development

Unit 2:  The STEM of Sound with Hands-On Tools and Career Connections

Unit 3:  The STEM of Light with Hands-On Tools and Career Connections

Unit 4:  In-Class Engineering Project - Simulating an Engineering Team Developing a New Product Using what was Learned in Units 1-3

Unit 5:  Take Home Robotics Project - Operations, Assembly, Remote Control or Programming, and Technical Presentation and Demo

We have a modular Program that can be tailored to each state standard.  We have been supported by leaders in Special Education at the practioner and State levels.  In summary:

1. STREAM with fine arts and language arts integration.

2. Tailored courseware to your individual state standards.

3. Eight levels of robotics available for UNIT 5 or separately as a per student purchase

"Your Program is going to move the needle in STEM education where most of our current programs do not."  - National STEM Leader

"We think you have the right approach to STEM." - Pentagon STEM Leader

"STEMgeo is approved to be piloted in three of our schools with varying profiles as an add-on to the current syllabus" - County STEM Leader

"This program fills a BIG gap in Special Education which is STEM for Special Education."  - Asst. State Superintendent

"All this should replace our current delivery as it includes all the SOLs in our state while significantly boosting integration and practical, hands-on learning."
 - Superintendent

"I wish we had robots, heck I would like a robot."  - School District STEM Leader

"PLEASE help us make Math more interesting." - Superintendent

"Your program is so exciting that I will send you to a number of School Districts" - State STEM Leader

"We'll take three and the teacher training course." - Large County STEM Leader

"I can use this for high school tech training as well." - Small County STEM Leader

"Your robots don't compete with Lego or FIRST but are a great part of an integrated course."  - Teacher

"We want to bring in your robots."  - Parent

"This will certainly help our challenged schools in "imbalanced" counties." Special Education Teacher

A. STEMgeo Teacher Workshop: "The What and Why of STEM" - for all in-service teachers and youth leaders (not just science and math teachers)

What if your staff could receive an overview of STEM, the what, the why, and the how from a leading expert in the actual field of study and industry? Can teachers gain knowledge, confidence, and passion for these topics?
Our STEMgeo STREAM Teacher Training workshop is inclusive to teachers in all subjects.  "What and Why of STEM" is a 2-day teacher's workshop and labs delivered by an international leader in Education with STEM tools by our STEM engineering industry practitioners from NASA, IBM, Defense Department, and Fortune 500 research labs.

The benefits are:

1. Teachers will have the tools and understanding to drive the STEM program to quantitative results.

2. Principals will be able to guide staff from a solid base or foundation of capability.
3. Science teachers will receive the STEMgeo Intervention (below) to acquire initial in-class teacher experience and uplift of scores.

This program includes two half-days on-site at your school for all staff and support staff including a full version of a STEM lab for your initial roll-out. Contact us at

B. STEMgeo Hands-One Integrated STREAM and Engineering Training Course #1 - The STEM of Music, Sound, and Light (with Systems and Software Engineering Process and Class Project)

Is it possible to find a way to raise science and math grades, scores, and passion career-wise?

Six unique features:

1. First of its Kind to integrate science, technology, engineering, and math in every unit of the course plus an engineering project (now with fine arts and language arts).

2. Innovative in-class equipment including our patented spectrum analyzer system and patented vibrating earphones

3. Engineering Life Cycle from industry, collaborative and individual engineering projects

4. Serious Social Media for Teachers - The STEM Social Network: Teacher Collaboration Network

5. Injection of relevant, practical careers recognizable by students and teachers

6. Administrator's guide to determining at what grades the program should be initiated and how we map to SOL's, national guidelines, and industry efforts.

The benefits are:

1. Higher science and math grades and standards test scores.

2. Broadened approaches to modeling and creative thinking impacts grades in other subjects including reading.

3. Studies show use of these techniques are very effective in special education as well.

No STEM or robotics program can beat our customer services. We actually fly to your school!

STREAM Course #1:  Two half-days training and set-up on-site at your school for all staff and support staff including a full version of a STEM lab for your initial roll-out.  Follow-on web training class and support. Skype and 800 teacher and lab support. Social network collaboration for one year.  Contact us at

C.  Unique Engineering Industry-Based Robots from pre-K to High School.

STEMgeo introduces robots for Pre-K to High School.  Our advanced industry-based robotics program is the nation's only scalable "engineering training" for schools and non-profilts. Are you missing the E in STEM?
Pre-K to Grade 1 Engineering Program and Robots.  We have to start them early.  STEMgeo has the nation's only scalable early stage and special needs "engineering training" program.
Move through elementary school with challenging kits tied to our "engineering training" for elementary schools.
Enjoy middle school programmable robots and the big dog, the HUMANOID robot (programmable, pre-coded to dance to music).   Do you have a real engineering program from industry at your schools?

Special Education

Studies at the University of Washington have shown success in special education using hands-on STEM tools.  From the imbalance challenge to inclusion and IEP's, we find that special educators love our approach, backed by years of research in STEM for special needs children.  Our program will raise your students to their potential.

Contact us at

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Posted by Link Parikh on October 13, 2014 at 9:30pm 1 Comment

Check out the sign!  What IS missing in most STEM programs?  Answer:  Industry-based Technology and Engineering Training in the classroom. 

The ROBOTS have arrived - and they come with a full engineering training course, sound & light STEAM, and class project

Posted by Link Parikh on August 20, 2014 at 11:18am 2 Comments

At STEMgeo:

There are 8 robot levels available:

Pre-K, K, early elementary, mid elementary, late elementary, early middle, late middle, early high school, mid-high school with the 8th allowing multiple robots to interact.

These grade levels are suggestions only and can slide to fit student profiles or school STEM programs.

Special needs applications are also available and recommended by top experts.

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Our focus is to support the STEM movement into individual hands-on and virtual reality experiences including systems engineering lifecycle thinking, modeling, and process; practical careers in various phases, types, and levels in engineering, direct practical connection and extension from classroom standards delivery, and push a programming culture in STEM vs. rubber bands and remote control.   

We start with rubber bands and remote control in elementary school with introductions to…


STEMgeo pre-announcement - Plans to roll-out new robotics products and support

Posted by Link Parikh on July 18, 2014 at 11:45am 4 Comments

Dear STEM Professionals,

I am currently testing some robotics kits and products for availability in US markets.  More to come....

If you have requirements for robot kits, please send them over asap.   First orders get a discount if you provide feedback for all of us.




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